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For more than 50 years, in northern Thailand, on the mountain “Doi Phayapai”, extraordinary green Oolong teas have been produced, which match or even surpass the high quality greens of Formosa Jade Oolongs. The basis for this is tea plants imported from the highlands of Taiwan, together with the extensive knowledge of Taiwanese tea makers who accompany the cultivation and make continuous improvements. In this case, we have selected a quality that excites for its dark green, finely coiled leaf. This infused tea, bright in golden tones, unfolds a distinct floral aroma. The intense flavor aroma and its mild yet noticeable sweetness lingers on the taste buds for some time after enjoying this masterful tea.

2-3 minutes leave to rest 80 ° – 90 ° C water temperature 4-5 full spoons/ 1 liter

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