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About me

My name is Vanessa Manyik and I love antiques. My grandparents owned an antique storeAntiques Altamira” in Palamós (Girona) for many years.

All my childhood I was closely linked to the world of antiques. My parents and grandparents worked in the shop and that’s how I discovered a world of items, furniture, carvings and gadgets from many different periods of time … It was fascinating, the textures, the details, the types of furniture and woods, smells … childhood memories still so present today. When I was a teenager the shop closed its doors and for years I have been considering the idea of opening again and so has been, but with my different personal touch.

Lady Chester’s Shop is focused on Victorian period, from 1837 until almost the first quarter of the 20th century. Why? Because despite being an ancient period, it is not as far away as others, a feminine period from which belonged our grandparents and great grandparents, family memories, smells… a world where the Romanticism and the English Industrial Revolution lived together and then gave way to a resurgence of ethics and aesthetics with the subtlety of the earliest advances, backward today, but very interesting in my opinion. Details of dressing, in the small things, little by little creating an atmosphere of gentleness … a time where great writers also emerged as critical and different as Charles Dickens or Lewis Carroll, two sides of the same era.

Lady Chester’s Shop aims to transmit these sensations by surrounding you in this Victorian atmosphere full of details, smells, furniture and objects so typical, authentic and original of this era that will surely bring you back in time.

Our products are selected with great care and detail, capturing the essence of what this period so magical in history represents for me. This is why we only buy to antique shops, retailers and interesting auctions, to offer our customers the best and most curious of this Victorian world.

Lady Chester

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